More than 60% of Americans say they feel optimistic that the pandemic will end before 2022, and they’re preparing themselves for a better future.

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A study of 2,000 adults found 58 percent of Americans also said that being at home during the lockdowns has motivated them to focus on self-improvement.

60% of respondents have dedicated their time in quarantine to boosting their appearance, and 52% say they worked on their health, according to the survey commissioned by Vagaro and conducted by OnePoll.

Others were motivated to build their self-confidence (48%), and feel happier with themselves (46%).

Data also showed that many sought self-improvement more recently because they had let themselves go during lockdown (46%). Some of the ways people let themselves go were by gaining weight (60%) or losing touch with family and friends (49%).

Despite these setbacks, fully 62% of people said they feel optimistic that the pandemic will end before 2022.

“With 2020 allowing time for introspection, many will face the post-pandemic world with a new mindset and will want to improve themselves physically, mentally and emotionally,” said Fred Helou, CEO of Vagaro.

Silver linings of the pandemic were many

While these uncertain times can be difficult, they have also proven to be a catalyst for positive change. Recent polls show that 52% have volunteered for the first time during the pandemic; 6 in 10 have a new appreciation of nature; two-thirds believe they’ve become a better person; and 64% have experienced a transformative ‘eco wake-up call’, becoming more environmentally-conscious during the COVID crisis.

With time to pursue new hobbies, 6 in 10 people have ‘leveled up’ and 40% saying they’ll make money from it, and nearly 70% of Americans are more appreciative of loved ones than ever before.

Paying more attention to their personal appearance 60%
Having better physical health 58%
Taking better care of their skin 56%
Taking better care of their hair 53%
Taking care of their mental and emotional health 48%

To attain better overall health 52%
To build confidence/self-esteem 48%
Better physical appearance 47%
To be happier 46%
To feel like their best self 39%

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