This mind-bending picture of the Moon with inverted colours shows where it once flowed with magma.

California-based astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy—aka Instagram’s @cosmic_background—has altered the image of the lunar surface to highlight the things the human eye cannot see.

His reason for doing so? “Our eyes are quite incredible, but sometimes it’s cool seeing what things could look like with superhuman vision.

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This picture was created by processing the image with an inverted luminance layer to enhance the lunar texture.


Andrew explains that the brighter regions show where the moon once flowed with molten rock, saying: “In this version the colors show how the composition changes where the magma once flowed, as well as how impacts striking the surface add an additional splash of color.

“The colors are real, and represent the hidden geological history of the Moon.”

Check out some of Andrew’s other work in the images below.

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