Meet the labradoodle who acts like a human thanks to his incredible bond with his best friend, a seven-year-old boy who was adopted into the family at the same time.

Reagan the dog was over the moon when his new family welcomed a foster baby Buddy, also 11-months-old, into their home.

The pair grew up together, and these adorable photos show them posing like a pair of brothers, wearing identical outfits, on holiday, and even sharing joint birthday parties.


Pooch Reagan belongs to grandmother Sandi Swiridoff, 60, who adopted him just months before her daughter Kari Lewis, 31, fostered little boy Buddy.

Now Buddy, and his little sister Reagan, have been permanently adopted by the Lewis family, so boy and dog are officially best friends forever.

Snaps show the dog and all the kids acting just like siblings—putting up the Christmas tree together, reading bedtime stories, and eating spaghetti.


Whether they are doing yoga or having a nap, the fun pair tend to look more than a little adorable.


Sandi, from Portland, Oregon, said: “Reagan gets SO excited whenever Buddy comes over. They are seven years old now, and don’t see each other every day, but that only increases the excitement level when they are reunited.”


“Their bond was instant. Reagan seemed to know that Buddy needed a furry friend to help him adjust and make him feel safe and loved. Watching their bond warms my heart, as they have the same energy level and personality.”


Retired nurse Sandi and her husband Eric adopted Reagan in 2014. They were preparing for a “child-sized void” in their lives after their first foster grandkids were adopted by their forever families.


One one of their last weekends together, Sandi took the children to “have a look” at a litter of Australian Labradoodle puppies, but when they arrived she saw there was only one left— Reagan.

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She said: “As I reached down to pick up this little ball of fur, he licked my face. At that moment, I knew he was going home with us.”

If you’d like to hang out with Reagan and Buddy a little more, just check out this full-time ‘Instagramma’s’ wonderful Instagram @reagandoodle.

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